Cycling in Japan Hida Satoyama, Takayama

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Japan is one of the greatest places on the planet to explore on two wheels. Whether crossing the roads that link historic islands or touring rural villages and shrines, we’ve created some spectacular bike trips to help visitors explore. Here is our guide to cycling the quaint Hida Satoyama in Takayama.

Japan map marked with TakayamaDISTANCE: 22 km

DURATION: 2.5–3.5 hours
START/FINISH: Furukawa Station (17 minutes from Takayama Station)
WHEN TO GO: April–December

Why cycle?

Cycling trips take us back to what makes travel so endlessly fascinating and rewarding: the surprises, the chance encounters and the ordinary, everyday details. The humble bicycle gives us the freedom to roam under our own steam, take diversions, stop to chat and generally enjoy the experience of being immersed in a country and culture different from our own.

Rooftops and mountain views to Hida Satoyama in Takayama, Japan

The alpine town of Takayama lies on a plateau in central Japan, surrounded by the thickly forested peaks of the Hida Mountain Range. Known throughout the ages as a centre for crafts – particularly carpentry – Takayama’s woodworkers were drafted in to build many of the spectacular temples you’ll see in Kyoto. Their work can be glimpsed in everything from traditional craft shops to spectacularly carved festival floats.

Cycling the Hida Satoyama trail

One of the true delights of a visit to Takayama, however, is getting out of the town and into its glorious rural surroundings. The Hida Satoyama cycle tour whisks you through lush paddy fields and into the countryside, stopping off at natural hot springs, steeply pitched wooden farmhouses, orchards and farms.

Countryside and autumn in Hida Satoyama, Japan
Local charm in Hida Satoyama

With a local English speaking guide alongside you, you can delve into the history and culture of the region and chat to people you meet along the way. Whether they’re schoolchildren on their way home for lunch or elderly residents selling strawberries at the local farmers’ market.

No matter where you go in Hida Satoyama, everyone seems to know each other, and the atmosphere is never less than convivial, giving a welcome glimpse into rural Japanese communities.

Stop at a hilltop shrine and pause for a breather. Then cycle past wood-panelled sake breweries and streams filled with koi carp as you return through town.

Market stall sellers in Takayama, Japan
Our Autumn Splendour Self-Guided Adventure includes a half-day Hida Satoyama cycling experience.
Get in touch with our team of Japan travel experts to find out more and start planning that trip on two wheels!

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