Violet Cloutman

Violet Cloutman

Special subjects: Okinawa, N64, words

Violet has been a Japanese culture aficionado since she was a child - taking Japanese lessons at school, trading Pokemon cards in the playground, becoming an assistant instructor in Shotokan Karate and spending hours (nay, years) playing Nintendo 64 in her spare time.

Though no longer quite as much of an otaku as she once was, Violet has maintained an interest in Japan, and on finishing her English degree in 2013 she moved to Okinawa to work at the breakfast buffet of a resort hotel. It was the worst job she has ever had (to date), but she found that Okinawa was a beautiful place and she made the most of her free time by hiring a car to explore the island, participating in the world's largest tug-of-war, and attaining her PADI diving licence.

After a stint at InsideJapan’s Nagoya office, Violet is now based in Bristol as our Content Creation Assistant – where she spends her spare time reading, cooking, watching Game of Thrones and going to the pub.

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