Japan Honeymoon

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It’s the big moment in many couples lives – The Honeymoon. It has to be perfect and it will be remembered for ever….for better or for worse!

Japan is a fantastic destination for a Honeymoon; Romantic mountain top traditional guest houses, hot spring baths, beautiful scenery, sub-tropical beaches, great food and an attractive and romantic culture to boot. Whether your budget is relatively modest or ready to blow the bank, Japan will supply you with a beautiful and memorable special holiday. With all the recent events that have made the headlines, potential Honeymooners could be forgiven for having second thoughts about heading to the Land of the Rising Sun, but perhaps surprisingly, there have been quite a few Honeymooners who have decided to continue with their trip of a lifetime.

InsideJapan recently assisted newly-weds, Alissa Brussilovsky and Julien Bassignani  in organising their Honeymoon (April 10-28) to Japan. The couple based a lot of their stay in the exciting capital of Tokyo discovering the lively neon districts as well as the picturesque Japanese gardens. They also stayed in a traditional ryokan in the mountains of Hakone before moving on to the cultural capital of Kyoto.  They have provided us with some fantastic feedback and some even more stunning images.

We recently returned from our wonderful Honeymoon in Japan and had a fantastic time. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for everything and for 3 fabulous weeks in Japan.

You made our honeymoon beautiful and everything sooo easy. The organisation was absolutely flawless. Your agency is fantastic, so professional and careful about people. We have been amazed how easy it was to travel through Japan and felt almost at home thanks to you.

We have been in Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, Nara and Tokyo and there was no problem at all. Japanese people are keeping a normal life and we haven’t seen any problems. Please tell everybody that south is safe. It was not an easy decision for us when the tragedy happened in Japan. But we have talked with many people, have read much  information on very different web sites such as the British embassy in Tokyo, the French embassy in Tokyo, Twitter etc….and finally we decided to go. We do not regret it at all!

The sad point was to see that tourists have disappeared. Very very sad for Japanese people!

We would like to encourage everybody to go in this wonderful country.

Once again a big THANK YOU!

Alissa and Julien

InsideJapan are very happy to hear that you enjoyed your Honeymoon and fell in love with Japan. Congratulati0ns to you both and thank you for sharing your feedback and photos.
Suenagaku O shiawase ni! (Long and happy life)

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