More messages from Tokyo

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You may have been getting the message that Tokyo has returned pretty much back to normal. According to our staff and even our customers that are there, the great city is pretty much ‘normal’.

InsideJapan have a number of group tours still running and a few indepedent travellers who decided that recent events in the north were not going to put them off.  We received an email from one of our American clients, (Mr McVickar from Chicago) who began his travels on April 1st in Tokyo, and is due to travel to Kanazawa and Takayama in the Japanese Alps, onto the cultural capital of  Kyoto and then to the mountains and hot springs of Hakone before returning to the metropolis over a two week period.  Mr McVickar wanted to drop us a line to let us know how he was getting on his first couple of days in Tokyo;

Hi there,

Everything is fantastic! We are so glad that we went ahead with our trip!
All has been very smooth and we’ve been having a great  time. We don’t notice anything out of sorts with Tokyo, although we’ve been told it’s a little more subdued; we have been thanked many times from store and restaurant workers who learn that we are here on vacation and that we didn’t let the disaster keep us from visiting.


Meanwhile, our tour leader Tom Orsman continues to keep us updated about the situation after meeting his Hidden Japan tour group in Tokyo;

Hello all,

Just got back from meeting part of my Hidden Japan tour group at Narita. They looked so happy to be in Japan.
I saw quite a few gaijin (foreigners)  arriving today in Narita, although the customers  said that their Al-Italia flight was only a quarter full.
Asakusa (District of Tokyo)  is looking as fantastic as ever, the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. In general gaijin are few and far between, I had to ambush a foreign tour group to get the attached photo.

The power cuts are not affecting us at all. In some places lights and air-con has been switched off to save electricity.Some menus have changed slightly to accommodate the disrupted supply from Tohoku, but there is certainly no food shortage or even a hint of one. I would be the first to leave if there was.
Anyway, really glad to have people to take around, they should have a great time.


 We hope that these messages will give some sense of reassurance to our customers planning to head to Japan. We also hope that the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office will review their seemingly inaccurate and out-of-date travel advice with regards to Japan’s capital immediately!

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