Japanese Eating Experiences with a Difference

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I really miss my Japanese food when I am in the UK as you can probably tell by the amount of food related posts on this blog. Japan offers some of the best food in the world and really is a culinary heaven. There are some eating experiences in Japan though that are more than just about the food. I thought I would highlight one or two throughout the blog.

Catch your own fish – Get that hunter-gatherer feeling before dinner to appreciate your meal all the more. Zauo has branches across Japan but each is designed like a boat from where you will dangle your fishing line or dip in your net to catch your meal.

The sushi chef will then prepare a wonderful  sashimi or sushi meal for you.   I am not sure if this would be everyones kettle of fish but it certainly a bit different. The sashimi is great and there are certainly no questions about the freshness of the fish here.
Their shops are all over the country with the original one being in Fukuoka but you can find Zauo in Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Kameido districts too.

Ninja Style – A slightly different concept in eating and drinking, this themed izakaya wins the prize for ‘shocking’ service. ‘Ninja‘ sits in the Akasaka district of Tokyo and there are no prizes for guessing the theme. The izakaya is full of nooks and crannies from which the ninja waiters jump out at you from.

The food is pretty good but is reasonably pricey compared to other izakaya, but you pay for the experience which is worth it for a one off visit – great fun.

There are plenty more interesting and varied eating experiences to be had in Japan and no doubt I will look at  a few more at a later date.

Enjoy your meal sir!

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