Japanese Embassy Event – London

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I went to an event at the Japanese Embassy on Thursday celebrating a selection of World Heritage Photo’s taken by renowned photographer Miyoshi Kazuyoshi.

I jumped on the train from Bristol to London to get there in good time for the opening and was looking forward to meeting a few people, seeing some good photo’s and perhaps snacking on a bit of sushi (if past embassy functions were anything to go by).

I was one of the first there and first thing I noticed was how hot the exhibition room was. Everyone came in sweating, apart from the Japanese of course – how do they do that?! It was a bit like Tokyo in July when you look around all the westerners are pouring with sweat and everyone else is dabbing one bead of sweat off their brow.

Anyway, back to the main event.

The photo’s highlighted a selection of Japanese World Heritage scenes including Kiyomizu Dera in Kyoto, Himeji Castle, Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido and Yakushima (which I visited about 4 weeks ago) to name a few. There were one or two stunning photo’s there but, (although not an expert) I didn’t think they were amazing. Perhaps my appreciation of the photo’s was affected by the lack of sushi available….not even a little bit….in fact there was only crisps which were definitely not enough to see me through the evening. Perhaps my hopes were too high?

Nevertheless, if you do want to go and have a look at the photo’s for yourself, I believe they are on show to the public until the 5th June (09.30-5.30) and it is absolutely free. Worth having a look if you are in the area with an interest in Japan and photography, but eat something before you go.

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