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It has been some time in coming but finally InsideJapan Tours have a blog. And we intend to use it! So much about Japan continues to inspire me. It seems like an age ago (it is just coming up for 9 years) that I finished teaching in Japan and returned to the UK with my fellow company director and good friend Simon King, travelling 5 weeks overland from Hong Kong to London, traversing the great Russian wilderness of Siberia on the trans-Mongolian express before touring on the Beetroot Bus from Moscow to St Petersburg then on to Western Europe. So much time to think and savour the real magic of travelling through strange countries where you can’t speak the language and round every corner is a new experience ready to change your outlook on life and mould you as a person. That was my experience and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to assist people from all over the world experience the magic of travelling in Japan.

So what will be writing about? Well aside from my own musings – which may or may not be of interest – this blog will be a forum for debate, a rich source of information on the best restaurants we have discovered recently, the craziest festivals we have attended and a chance to introduce to everyone some of the fabulous people that help make visiting Japan a unique pleasure. Our tour leaders will be posting regularly and as the people on the ground in the thick of the action! We even hope to persuade the girls from our fabulous InsideJapan Nagoya Office team to add their thoughts on the latest goings on in the land of the rising sun.

And if you see something you want to comment on, don’t be shy. We are always keen to hear what other people think, to engage in debate on the issues of the day in Japan and the travel industry as a whole, and also to offer advice to anyone travelling to Japan. This blog is dedicated to Japan, a country that has changed my life, and me forever.

Thanks for reading

Alastair Donnelly
Director, InsideJapan Tours


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