Japanese Hamsters

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We are keen to expose all things Japanese on our blog. This doesn’t just mean features about travel, but all elements of interesting and sometimes quirky culture from the Land of the Rising Sun….and so I come on to something that I never thought I would be blogging about…Hamsters. Yes. I do mean those little furry creatures that make popular pets. The reason that I am writing about hamsters, is all down to my latest favourite Twitter feed from Japan.

@kawamabesatou has a massive 58k followers on Twitter. Why so popular you may ask?….Who doesn’t want to see lots of pictures of various breeds of hamster in a miniature bar or perhaps a tatami room with miniature bottles of alcohol, sushi, kitchen utensils and more. This guy has gone to a lot of trouble making miniature models for his little hamsters to set them up in little hamster versions of the human world that we live in. Forget hamster wheels – pah!

This picture gives you an idea as to the scale of @kawamabesatou’s work.


I suppose that this all goes back to IJTBen’s piece on Japan’s obsession with miniaturising things.

This guy means business though and his pictures are hilarious. Here’s the life of of @kawamabesatou’ s hamsters at the bar, at various restaurants and at home…

A bit of food




Hamster and sake

Over done it again

Time for coffee

Spot of reading


hamster home

All pictures are from @kawamabesatou Twitter feed. Otsukare sama!

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