Mt Fuji Competition

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Mt Fuji

Fuji-san is one of the most famous mountains in the world. The 3,776 metre high volcano is revered in Japan, appearing in ancient Japanese art, written about in Haiku and now this mountain is an official UNESCO World Heritage site.

File:Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg
Hokusai – Great wave of Kanagawa (36 Views of Mt Fuji)

The official climbing season in Japan has begun (July 1st – September 1st) with huge numbers of people making the trek to the top of the mountain in time for sunrise. For those that are lucky enough to get a glimpse of Mt Fuji, she is always impressive.

The Competition

It’s simple. We would love to see your photo’s and video of this beautifully symmetric volcano. We will then put together a gallery of your Mt Fuji images.

Please post them on the InsideJapan Tours Facebook page or send to [email protected] by September 1st 2014, to show them off.


We have two little Fuji prizes on offer.

This very cool Mt Fuji T-shirt for the most stunning shot…

Mt Fuji Tshirt

and this amusing Mt Fuji toilet paper for Fuji photo with a difference.

Mt Fuji Toilet Paper

I am sure we can throw some other Japan related goodies in too.

Meanwhile, take a look video taken from our Tokaido Trail tour who conquered the majestic mountain.

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