Standing on the top of Tokyo

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One of our recent Tokaido Trailers, Jenny Gillman, wanted to tell us about her trip to the Tokyo Skytree. Jenny was keen to go and see inside Tokyo’s newest addition to the Metropolis skyline for herself. Here is what she had to say about the 634 metre tower and what it’s like to be standing on the top of Tokyo.

After a smooth flight and a warm welcome at the airport from my InsideJapan Tour’s tour leader (Harry Sargant), three of the group dropped bags off at the hotel in Asakusa and headed out to explore. We visited nearby Senso-Ji temple before the other two members of the group went off for a shop. I went off to discover the Tokyo Skytree which dominates the skyline in this part of Tokyo. One stop from Asakuka, with train guards to point me in the correct direction, I arrived at the Skytree on the Skytree train! After quite a few sets of escalators you arrive onto the 5th floor of the Skytree.

I queued for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and chatted to very friendly locals. After paying 200oyen we went up in a lift which opens onto the view of Toyko below – there was a collective “wow” when the doors of the lift opened to reveal Tokyo below. After seeing the whole of the city and a view of the bay (on a clear day you can see Mt Fuji) I waited another 10 minutes and paid another 1000yen which would get me to the very top! This lift ride would take me to the top of the worlds tallest freestanding building and reveal incredible view. It was well worth paying the extra money and I had lots of fun walking around the spiral walkway to the glass floor and standing 452.1 metres above the city!

The Skytree is a brilliant way the start any trip to Toyko, as it gives you a really good idea as to the huge scale of the city. There’s nothing like standing at the top of the world’s biggest tower in the worlds biggest Metropolis contemplating your trip beyond the horizon.

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