Haiku from Spring Elegance Tour April 2012

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Here is a selection of some of the Haiku that my Spring Elegance tour group came up with in a semi-inebriated state during our last dinner together…

Drink Japanese sake,

Eat tempura, sashimi,

You are Japanese.


We were very dry,

Our yen pieces at the ready,

Vending machines –  great!


If you want to go,

Lift the lid and let it flow,

Press button, heigh ho!


The day started hot,

Zen temples oh so quiet,

Later beer refreshed.


Spray and hot toilets,

Or hard squatting over bowl,

Not shoes off again!


New friends, new culture,

Made one by spring elegance,

My life is richer.


Miso oh Miso!

Every morn I see you,

Then you are no more.


Cameras are poised,

Cherry blossom is blooming,

Shame about the rain.


Chopsticks, yes, well, um…

Its not that I’m prejudiced,

I just prefer forks.


That teasing mistress,

Fuji in modesty towel,

Never showed herself.


I don’t think I’ll miss

Sitting on tatami mats,

But oh! the toilets.


Misty lakes, fast trains,

Beautiful trees flower too,

Where is Mount Fuji?

By  Steve Parker (Tour Leader)

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