10 Reasons why Japan is so great – No.7 Japan just does things better

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I have already mentioned the culture which plays a part in every aspect of life in Japan. We all know that things in Japan are going to be different.  So what does “Japan just does things better” actually mean?

What I mean is, in Japan they have a lot of the same things that we have in the West, but they just do them differently and in most cases a lot better. For example, everyone knows about the huge range of vending machines. We have vending machines in the West of course…..but not like Japanese vending machines! In Japan, they have vending machines for cold and hot drinks, hot food and much more. It is not just about the huge variety of goods sold in vending machines either, but about the way they sell them. The machines have slots for notes and give out change, they sometimes accept credit from travel cards and some provide wireless internet access. One of the biggest things to note about vending machines is there are so many of them, in the city and countryside and all unscathed by vandalism.



Another popular example is the toilet which could also be a whole category on its own. The traditional Japanese toilet is not pretty and resembles more of a hole in the ground. Thankfully they are not as common as they were and you will more often than not see the ‘Japanese super loo’ – control panel, heated seats, automatic seats that lift up and down etc – A great experience in itself!

Convenience stores! That’s another potential category again. They are actually convenient and sell just about anything and are everywhere. As well as magazines and food, you can pay your bills, buy tickets to shows and even book a holiday there. Imagine that!? – Convenient convenience stores…with very polite staff!

The food and public transport I have already mentioned. I have not even muttered anything about taxis with doors that open and close by themselves. There is a multitude of things that the Japanese do better than us in the West. It is a pleasure travelling about in Japan doing what you would seemingly do anywhere else in the world, but being surprised and delighted at the little things that make it different in this country.

Normal things done better are all part of an exciting cultural experience and what makes Japan so great.

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