10 Reasons why Japan is so great – 1. Culture

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Japan  is special and many of you reading this will probably already know that, but just in case their are any doubters out there, I thought I would just outline a few reasons into words and pictures….which is actually quite hard to do.  I have put together 10 reasons as to why Japan is so great. Everyone has different reasons and experiences as to what makes Japan so great for them, so I would be keen to hear your reasons as to why Japan is so great from you too.

No. 1 – Culture

This is a bit of an all encompassing category really, as just about everything great in Japan stems from the culture, but it is definitely worth highlighting.

Japan is like no other country in the world. As soon as you step off the plane, you feel like you are in a foreign country….a completely foreign country. It is an exciting feeling. Everywhere you go and everything you do in Japan, you will see, hear, taste and feel Japanese culture. You might see old women and young ladies walking about in their kimono, people bowing in the street, young salarymen paying their respects at a local shrine tucked behind their office block, and people taking their shoes off to enter a particular building.

These are just a few things that make Japan different and don’t seem that bigger deal when you read them on their own. When you are in Japan, you will see all of these elements combined together with a million and one other little things that make up Japanese culture and make Japan so different.

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The idea that Japanese culture is so special is hard to grasp for many until you have actually been to the country. People cannot fail to fall in love with it once they have been.  It is one of the reasons as to why Japan is so great.

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