Trip Feedback through Haiku Poetry

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As with all of the InsideJapan Tour leaders, Steve Parker brings his own skills, knowledge and expertise to a group tour of Japan. A trip across Japan with Steve never fails to be inspiring, but our man has been bringing out the poetic side of travellers….after a couple of drinks of course. Here’s his latest from the Japan Unmasked tour;

Having just completed a Japan Unmasked tour with 6 fantastic people from the UK, Switzerland and Australia, I would like to introduce some of their Haiku poems, written on the last night of the tour, as a reflection of their adventures in Japan. This is a tradition on my tours and serves as a poetic form of feedback – a lot more interesting than yes/no answers on a questionnaire!!

Trip Feedback through Haiku Poetry – The haiku is a traditional 3-line, 17-syllable poem, structured 5-7-5. Classic haiku invoke images of nature but with my groups’, anything goes as long as it’s tasteful: a single memory, an emotion, a shared experience, a head turning encounter…here are a few of those written in the haiku style, starting with one I made earlier including syllable count…

1             2           3 4            5
We traipsed Tokyo’s streets

1                   2    34       5     6      7
Drenched in neon enchantment

1    2       3   4      5
Inside Japan tours

Archery first then…
Healing hands did soothe the mind
Takayama tunes

I lost my Ipod
Steve spent days hunting it down
I didn’t lose it!!!!!!

Water – omizu
Care for more green tea vicar?
There’s plenty for all!

Coffee in a can?
Our shared perpectives enjoyed
Revolving car parks!!

So many photos
The changing light through the trees
My stomach is full!

Those deer on the bend
Did you see them huddled close?
Shame – Shannon missed them!

Ikea? Rubbish!
No one does interiors.
Like dear Toyoko

Buddhist monks chanting
A peaceful serenity
Floating on air – free

Red, amber then blue?
Orange shrines or are they red?
Japanese colours

Haiku is testing
But creative engines run
After hot sake

A long way from home
Fun, laughter and crazy pics
Always stay in touch

We have always considered Japan a country of inspiration and a trip with InsideJapan obviously inspires the poetic side that you never knew you had.  Great trip, great haiku!…hmmm…I can feel a haiku coming on. Watch this space….

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