Travel Sentiment Survey Results

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“Life is like a box of chocolates”

Forrest Gump famously mused. And what a box this year has been! Our lives have changed in innumerable ways. Lockdowns, shelter in place, work from home, lines outside the supermarket, and no international travel. The hibernation is gradually ending but one thing has become clear: once travel is possible again it will be different. But how?

We asked you, our worldwide audience, how you’re feeling about international travel right now. With about 2,300 responses, it gives a pretty good idea what’s important to people as they plan their future travel.

Here are the highlights from the survey.

Travel sentiment survey demographics
Feelings about an international trip
Feelings about an international trip pt.2
Long-haul travel
Travel Intentions
COVID Concerns

We can’t thank those who took the time to participate enough. This information is crucial (for us and our partners in Japan and the rest of Asiato rebuild our businesses and keep you feeling secure.  

What’s next?

We’ll be sending a follow-up survey, to see how feelings change as world events continue to shift.

Here’s to hoping we’ll all be talking about getting back to doing what we love most: experiencing the world.  

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