Honeymoon in Japan: Studio Ghibli Museum

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There is always space for the Studio Ghibli Museum on a trip to Japan – even on a honeymoon! We caught up with Victoria from the She & Hem blog to hear all about her post-wedding Ghibli experience.

Studio Ghibli Museum

Hi! Victoria from She and Hem here!

It was my 2nd wedding anniversary recently which meant that lots of lovely wedding pictures have been popping up on my Facebook timeline. I’ve really enjoyed looking back at all the photos. It was the perfect day! A few photos that really caught my eye (and given me a severe case of wanderlust) were from our honeymoon.

Studio Ghibli Museum welcome sign

Honeymooning in Japan

We went on a bit of a tour of Japan, with our route plotted through the awesome Inside Japan. It was honestly the BEST TIME EVER. I can’t imagine ever visiting anywhere that’s as magical, fun and interesting as Japan.

I can’t wait to take my daughter there in a few years’ time. My husband and I have decided to wait until she is old enough to appreciate it fully. While we wait patiently, we are keeping all of our fingers crossed that she loves Studio Ghilbi as much as we do, as it’ll be a great excuse to go back to The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli

Totoro teddy at the Studio Ghibli Museum

As we are both huge Ghibli fans, as soon as we had our honeymoon route planed, one of the first things we did was book our tickets to The Ghibli Museum and got VERY excited about riding the giant Cat Bus. A typical (purr-fect?) honeymoon activity I’m sure you’ll agree. A little tip – tickets for the museum must be booked in advance. So, if you are travelling with Inside Japan, get them to do the hard work and book them for you! They could not have been more helpful from start to finish, and their enthusiasm for Japan shines through in everything they do.

Studio Ghibli Museum

I came away from the museum with so many beautiful photos, it was hard to whittle them down into a blog post. Hundreds of photos of dust bunnies, spiral stairways and glorious glass windows. Spellbinding stuff. There’s so much to enjoy that I’d even recommend a visit to non-Ghibli fans! Watch a short film in the Saturn Theatre, wander the roof garden with gorgeous views over Inokashira Park (and a giant robot) or pop for a Ghibli-themed lunch in the Straw Hat Cafe.

Studio Ghibli Museum cafe menu

Thinking about it all over again has put a big old smile on my face. You’ll be pleased to know that I did get a little Spirited Away in the gift shop and that cheeky Totoro above came home with me.


Victoria x


If you fancy visiting the Studio Ghibli museum, drop us a line! As Victoria says, securing tickets can be tricky, so book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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