Earthquake Experience (Hiroshima, Kanazawa, Takayama)

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I am currently leading a Japan Unmasked tour. We are just over halfway through the trip in Takayama in the Japan Alps.

We were in Hiroshima when the major quake struck. Walking around the Peace Park, none of our group noticed the slightest tremor. We did not even hear about the disaster until returning to our hotel.

Since this tragedy began, the locals have been as friendly and welcoming as normal. Like us, their experience of the quake has mainly come through the media.

The tour logistics have so far not been affected at all. All our trains have run on time. Except for the horrendous images on TV, I have seen nothing I would not expect to see on an ordinary trip.

Yesterday in Kanazawa, we saw plum trees in bloom, and walked around the trap doors in the Ninja Temple. Today in the spring sunshine, we tried some of Takayama`s freshly brewed sake. And tomorrow we will go walking in the hills.

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