National Cherry Blossom Festival, in Washington DC!

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In a first for the InsideJapan Blog today we have a guest post from Erik Braunitzer from the National Museum of Crime & Punishment, located in Washington, D.C..  The museum displays excellent depictions of historically famous crime scenes along detailed information concerning past wars forensics, organized crime, and more. Currently, they are promoting 98 years of tradition with the annual D.C. Cherry blossom festival, which remembers the long lasting friendship between Japan and the U.S.  Erik sent this post to promote the event and as we are always delighted to promote friendship between Japan and other nations this seemed like a small chance to do our bit!

Springtime, perfect for having picnics, wearing shorts and admiring the Cherry Blossom in DC.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an two-week (per annum) event that celebrates springtime in Washington, DC as well as the 1912 gift of the cherry blossom trees and the enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Japan.


Prior to this intangible peace treaty, 19th century imperialism drew clear lines of separation between these two great nations. Through it’s strict policy of isolation, Japan remained untouched by western ways until the Treaty of Amity (1854). Although, feelings of mistrust and resentment continued to ride due to early U.S. Naval Leaders gunboat diplomacy upon Japan. In order to lessen tensions and restore peace, mutual Cherry and Flowering Dogwood tree offerings were given.

DC Attractions include multiple festivals, museums, monuments, and more.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization that coordinates, produces, and supports creative and diverse activities promoting traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty and the environment, and community spirit and youth education. It also begins peak season for an influx of tourists to Washington, also brought in by the thousands of historical landmarks, museums, and other buildings.  Some of the most popular DC Tours include Hop-On-Off Double-Decker Bus, Discover DC Segway Safari,  & Arlington Cemetery, and Washington DC After Dark.

National Cherry Blossom Festival USA

This 2010 National Blossom Festival will be held between March 27th and April 11th to commemorate 98 years of commitment to an ever growing amity between Japan and the U.S.

So many thanks to Erik and the National Museum Of Crime And Punishment for this post.

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