Bringing Japan Home

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I seem to have a slight obsession about festivals in Japan – but that’s ok, because they are awesome. They have the best food, the best fireworks, the best random costumes, and the best atmosphere. They bring together families and communities, allow people to dress up in their best Yukata, and showcase the best and occasionally worst of the Japanese people letting their hair down.

Having been back in the UK for a couple of years now, it’s been a while since I got my festival fix and I often lament the fact that we British just don’t seem to have the same community events that come naturally to the Japanese. Whilst we are drowning in the British ‘summer’ over here, the Japanese are sitting on hot beaches, watching stunning fireworks, eating amazing food and generally having themselves a good time.

But being back in the UK doesn’t mean I have to miss out completely of course. There is always so much going on here if you look for it, and other people looking for the same thing. There’s over 19,000 Japanese living in London, and almost 40,000 in the UK which means that Japanese culture and influence is easily found. Indeed, the flashiest restaurants are often Japanese and Japan still keeps a rather exotic image to many people. We’ve talked about Japanese restaurants in London before, and here in Bristol, we have a number of great Japanese restaurants also – so there’s always the chance for a spot of sushi at lunchtime – as some of my colleagues know well!

And to top it all off, in London next month, they’re holding what is claiming to be a proper Japan Matsuri, with food stalls, crafts and even Nodojiman – a popular Japanese ‘X-Factor’ type TV show – you have to sing in Japanese and entries close soon – so best get in there quick!

So, no excuses for those missing a bit of Japanese culture – the festival is on next month, it’s sure to be a soggy september here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put on our finest yukata, snack on some dango, and warm up our voices for some karaoke – maybe see you there!

And finally – a little more Nodojiman to get you in the matsuri mood.

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