The cats that got the Shinjuku cream

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On my last trip to Japan I wanted to do something really, well, Japanese…

Something a bit different, something very modern and something I could only find in Japan. So tour leader Liam volunteered to show me Shinjuku’s finest cat cafe.

I’ve always loved cats

Cat cafes are currently all the rage in Japan and make perfect sense in a busy city like Tokyo. As most people live in tiny apartments, owning a pet is not an option. So why not spend 1,000 yen for an hour or two with the most pampered pets in the capital?!  I was surprised at how many exotic, expensive breeds there were.

Liam san and kitty chan

Other visitors to the cafe seemed to be young girls, couples on dates and the odd older guy with an expensive looking camera. I’m not sure why Liam has been there quite so many times…

Cat themed coffee, of course! Served in a separate room with a glass window so you can still see the cats.
A lot of the cats were asleep… cute none the less
Big eyes
I make a friend

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