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7 Quick Questions

Quick FAQs

When you are planning a holiday there are always a few questions you want answered immediately. To help you out we have you can find below answers to 6 of the questions we get asked most often. However, there are lots of other questions you may want answered some of which you may find in the other FAQ pages linked on the left of this page.

7 Quick Questions

Why Visit Japan?

Japan is like no other country on earth. It is a place where it is not just the sights that impress and intrigue, but where the whole travelling experience is a joy to behold, from speeding through the countryside on a bullet train, to sampling the myriad of Japanese cuisine, to meeting friendly locals with a genuine interest in your visit to their country. One could spend a lifetime exploring Japan. The cities of Tokyo and Kyoto may grab the headlines, but the country offers so much more, from some of the world’s best powder snow in the ski resorts of Hokkaido in the north, to crystal clear tropical waters of Okinawa in the south. At InsideJapan Tours we will make sure that whilst not missing out on the most famous destinations you will also get a chance to see some of the hidden delights of Japan, making the very most out of your time in this very special country.

Why book with InsideJapan Tours?

InsideJapan Tours is a small company of Japan experts who have a genuine passion for this amazing country. All our UK staff have lived and worked in Japan, speak Japanese and offer a wealth of expertise covering the whole country; from the wild open expanses of Hokkaido in the north to the tropical islands of Okinawa we have staff who can assist you in planning your ideal Japan holiday. With an office in Nagoya in central Japan we also offer unrivalled on the ground support should you experience any difficulties during your holiday. Through our range of different products we have a huge variety of different options available, whether you are looking for a small group tour or to travel independently.

InsideJapan Tours offer full financial protection through ABTOT (for packages not including international flights) and ATOL (for flight inclusive packages) so you can be sure that your money is secure.

We have also been recognised by the industry with several awards in recent years. In 2009 InsideJapan was awarded the Silver medal in the Best Small Tour Operator category at the British Travel Awards. In 2010 the company received the Best Small Tour Operator accolade at the Guardian and Observer Travel Awards. And in 2011 our web site was recognised with Best Tour Operator web-site at the Travelmole Awards.

But perhaps the number one reason to book with InsideJapan Tours is that we have a genuine love of Japan and a passionate desire to share this with our customers. We are constantly striving to give our customers the best experiences of Japan and through careful planning to show some of the different faces of the country that help make this such a fascinating and amazing place to visit.

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When Should I visit?

Anytime is a good time to visit Japan! Spring and autumn are popular times for visits, with pleasant temperatures and the chance to glimpse Japan’s famous sakura cherry blossom or autumn colours. Summer is festival time with hundreds of celebrations taking place from local parades to huge city-wide extravaganzas of colour and noise. Winter is a quieter time to visit, with uncrowded sights and clear winter skies. Of course winter is also the time to head to the mountains for winter sports, with a long December to April season available at many resorts. For those keen to see the famous sakura cherry blossom late March to mid-April are the times to visit the coastal cities – up in the mountains things bloom a little later. For the autumn colours early to mid-November is the time down at sea level, with the leaves turning a little earlier at higher altitudes.

What is the weather like?

As mentioned above spring (March to May) and autumn (October and November) are popular for their warm, pleasant days. In summer the temperature rises, as does the humidity, although up in the mountains things remain a few refreshing degrees lower. Late June and early July see a brief ‘rainy season’ with a few overcast days and increased precipitation, though this should by no means preclude travelling at this time. Winter is cool at sea level; cold up in the mountains, with heavy snowfall the farther north you go from Tokyo. Rainfall is fairly even throughout the year, with showers possible in any season.

Isn't Japan very expensive?

Japan is no longer an expensive holiday destination. With zero inflation for the past 15 years and even a slight fall in many prices, the cost of living in Japan is now significantly less than many parts of the UK, and certainly prices of everyday items are comparable with those in other developed nations.

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Does any one speak English?

All Japanese study English at school and at university and most have at least 10 years of English education behind them. However, levels of spoken English are not so good. The good news is that in all the major cities and tourist destinations you will usually find someone about who can speak English and wherever you are in Japan you will find that people understand a lot more English than they can speak. In many ways though, the key to communicating in Japan is not to be shy! The Japanese are very friendly and will do their very best to assist you during your travels whether they can speak good English or not. In Tokyo, spend 2 minutes looking lost and you can almost guarantee somebody will come over and ask if they can help. And of course, the universal language of signs and gestures will generally get your message across!

How much does a flight cost?

Prices of air fares vary enormously but as a rule if you are paying less than £600 / $1000 then you have got a good price. If you need any help at all researching flights then please do not hesitate to ask. The first choice you have to make is whether to fly direct or via a European or Asian hub. Using a UK departure as an example, direct return flights from London Heathrow to Tokyo Narita start from around £750 per person for an economy class ticket. Non-direct flights on European carriers such as KLM or Air France start from around £550 per person.

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Inside Japan Tours - Independent British Travel Awards 2011 - Best Tour Operator To East and Central Asia
The Guardian, The Observer - Travel Awards 2010 Winner - Best tour operator (small)
Inside Japan Tours - Silver at the British Travel Awards 2009