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"Tokyo is simply breathtaking and there is something for everybody here. But what gets me most is the sheer volume of amazing restaurants and for a food obsessive like me that is the draw that pulls me back again and again.

Alastair Donnelly - Director

This is a truly overwhelming city, a vibrant hub of modern civilisation, a city constantly buzzing with activity; suited businessmen rush from one meeting to the next; immaculately turned out girls totter precariously on impossibly thick platform soles; kimono clad housewives fill the up-market department stores: And at every turn a barrage of different sights, sounds and aromas.

Welcome to Tokyo; Japan's largest city and it's capital since the Meiji restoration of 1868 returned real power to the Emperor.

Tokyo is a sensory bombardment and the wonderful abundance of street level detail means there is always something to keep the attention.

Tiny road-side stalls and shops sell everything from grilled chicken on sticks to high-tech electronics. Bars and restaurants are stacked up one on top of another, ablaze with neon as soon as dusk begins to fall. And everywhere people.

A tide of energy sweeps Tokyoites along, carrying them through the daily grind; from their apartments, onto the unbelievably crowded subway system, into the office and then back again. A visit to Tokyo is the chance to witness the Japanese success story up close.

The suburbs, however, are in grim contrast to the excitement of the central areas. Living space here is at a premium, and thus high-rise concrete apartment blocks built wherever a space could be found, even in between snaking overhead expressways, provide most people's homes. The skyline of grey stretches away as far as the eye can see and you certainly won't find much in the way of old buildings in Tokyo, although a few do remain.

Today's city is a truly modern phenomenon, which rose like a phoenix out of the ashes of the city reduced to rubble by the American air raids of WW2. There's plenty to do and see here and we'll help you to do just that.

Tokyo has some fine museums, a slightly depressing zoo, the Emperor's palace (although don't expect to be able to go inside), an Eiffel style tower, great shopping, traditional theatre, sumo (if you time your visit accordingly), and endless possibilities for night time entertainment.

We can guarantee that you won't have seen anything like this before!


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Small Group Tour
Classic Japan has everything that a trip to Japan should include; the bright lights & excitement of Tokyo; Osaka, Japan's fashion and culinary heartland; former capital city Kyoto with its unique ambience of past and present; and the awe-inspiring peaks of the Japan Alps in Kamikochi national park.

13 Nights: 2600
Small Group Tour
This is a HYPERJAPAN pop-culture odyssey through the colourful world of modern Japan. From the outrageously fashionable Harajuku district of Tokyo, to the traditional Geisha district of Kyoto; From the magic of Studio Ghibli to Tate-do sword fighting in Osaka, no stone is left unturned.

10 Nights: 1575
Small Group Tour
To the North-East of Tokyo the Tohoku region stretches out for some 700 miles, a gentler Japan than that of the western coast; one characterised by its paddy fields, ancient mountaintop monasteries, friendly rural towns and villages. A Northern Soul will connect you to a Japan few tourists visit.

14 Nights: 2650
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The Guardian, The Observer - Travel Awards 2010 Winner - Best tour operator (small)
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