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Regional Rail Passes

There are a variety of Japan Rail Passes available which cover just one specific region of the country. Please contact us if you wish to purchase one of these. Please note that if you wish to visit both Tokyo and Kyoto (as most visitors do!) there is no regional pass that will cover both destinations, so it is the main Japan Rail Pass that you will require. The various regional Rail Passes can offer excellent value for money and convenience. However, they are not always the best way to organise your trip.

Give us a call on (UK) 0117 370 9750 or email us and we will be more than happy to advise on all aspects of your trip to Japan.

Japan East Rail Pass
The East Japan Pass covers the whole area to the North East of Tokyo up as far as the 'Seikan' Tunnel which joins the main island of Honshu with the North island of Hokkaido. The pass comes as a 5 day flexi pass which can be used on non-consecutive days.

JR West Sanyo Pass
The JR West 'Sanyo' area Pass is valid for travel on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line from Osaka to Fukuoka and the local JR services which connect with that line. Has the bonus of being the only rail pass which can be used to travel on the Nozomi Shinkansen - the flagship of JR's fantastic fleet. Also running on the Sanyo Line is the luxury 'Rail Star', an 8 carriage Shinkansen where all the seats are of a first class standard. 4 day and 8 day passes are available.

JR Kyushu Pass
Available for 5 or 7 day periods, this pass will give you ample time to explore the hot springs, bubbling volcanos and stunning beaches of Kyushu.

JR Hokkaido Pass
A choice of 3 of passes to help you explore the amazing outdoor wilderness of Japanís huge northern island, a place missed by most foreign visitors to Japan!

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