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IC Transport Card

Travel like a local with an IC Transport Card.

InsideJapan Tours are proud to be the UK's only supplier of Manaca IC Transport Cards, the essential companion to your Japan Rail Pass.

The Japan Rail Pass is great for travelling long distances. BUT it is not valid on any subway network. To get full coverage you will need an IC Transport Card. Don't waste valuable time trying to figure out which ticket to buy for which train line owned by which rail company - get an IC Transport Card. IC Transport Cards are an easy an efficient way of using local public transport in Japan.

These cards are branded under 10 different names depending upon where they were issued - you will see 'PASMO', 'suica', 'manaca', 'Icoca and more. The important thing is that they are all interchangeable and valid pretty much country-wide. Our office in Japan is based in Nagoya which is the 'manaca' area - hence most of the IC Transport Cards we provide are 'manaca'-branded cards.

In Tokyo your card is valid on almost every subway line, train and monorail, and on most buses. Outside of Tokyo your card is valid on most public transport in the city areas shown on the map below. Please note however that the card is not yet valid on Kyoto buses or on trams in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We guarantee this card will make your time in Japan more enjoyable, more relaxing and more productive.

The manaca card means you don't need to think about which ticket to buy or which line is owned by which company, giving you more time to enjoy your sightseeing. It also includes the following benefits:

  • Simple tap-in, tap-out system
  • Pre-loaded with 2500yen and ready for use
  • Can be used for most airport transfers
  • Accepted on virtually every train and subway line in and around Tokyo, plus buses
  • It can even be used in some taxis, shops and vending machines
  • Valid for greater Tokyo region Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Yokohama etc
  • Can be used in such tourist centres as Osaka, Nagoya, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Sendai and Sapporo
  • Simple top-up at automatic machines, in English

Please note that you are only able to get a refund on unused credit and/or the 500 yen deposit on the ard in the Nagoya area. You cannot get a refund in Tokyo or other areas. Please be sure to consider this when topping up your card. Please also be aware that we are unable to offer a refund on unused or returned cards.



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