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Wednesday, 5th November 2014
Visitors are once more able to bask in the glory of Yoyogi Park
Monday, 27th October 2014
How well do you pull off sunglasses? You might be up for this award next year
Monday, 13th October 2014
Experience a touch of Japan's royal family when you visit
Thursday, 9th October 2014
Japan is known for its technology.
Friday, 26th September 2014
Celebrate Japan in the heart of London town with this annual celebration
Monday, 22nd September 2014
Japan has decided on its entries for UNESCO 2016
Thursday, 18th September 2014
Visitors to the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu will have a restored walkway in a couple of years
Monday, 15th September 2014
New measures could see drop in bird strikes at Narita Airport
Monday, 8th September 2014
Japan's Ministry for Transportation approves device use on all stages of flights
Sunday, 31st August 2014
Enjoy a festival that was once termed the biggest in Japan
A new extension is to be added to the Shinkansen network
Friday, 29th August 2014
New zones to help English tourists across Japan
Tuesday, 19th August 2014
Japan don't feel like dancing, but things could be about to change
Monday, 28th July 2014
If you want to see a geisha in Tokyo, head to Hachioji
Japanese government hopes to make it easier for foreign visitors using credit cards
Tuesday, 22nd July 2014
Mitsubishi Estate uncovers hot spring in the heart of the Otemachi district
Thursday, 26th June 2014
Tuesday, 17th June 2014
Thursday, 12th June 2014
UNESCO offers biosphere status to Japan's Southern Alps
Wednesday, 11th June 2014
Formation of new committee means Japan's tourism industry could help stop whaling
Tuesday, 10th June 2014
Tourism boost recorded in Japan by latest report
Friday, 6th June 2014
New robot Pepper in Japan could be revolutionary for elderly care
Thursday, 5th June 2014
Aquarium renowned for its jellyfish reopens in Tsuruoka
Tourists rate Tokyo as most satisfying city to visit in 2013
Friday, 30th May 2014
Friday, 23rd May 2014
Giant advertising screen to hit Shibuya Crossing on June 1st
Officials say atmosphere needs to be taken into consideration for Tsukiji market move
Nagano government attempts to improve safety record
Thursday, 15th May 2014
Japanese retailers tempt foreign buyers
Wednesday, 14th May 2014
Tokyo's communal bathhouse culture could be on the brink of extinction
Monday, 12th May 2014
Japanese government meets to draw up bill that will permit entry fees at areas of outstanding beauty
Try getting 1,200 candles on one cake
Wednesday, 7th May 2014
A new capsule hotel is to open in the depths of Narita Airport
Government expected to pass new holiday in Japan
Sunday, 4th May 2014
Tweets to be studied to help Japan boost tourism prospects
Wednesday, 30th April 2014
First lady makes headlines after joining gay pride parade in Tokyo
Tuesday, 29th April 2014
Some of the temples and shrines you'll find in Tokyo
Explore Kyoto's myriad temples and shrines
Japan silk mill edges closer to World Heritage Status
Sunday, 27th April 2014
Eating sushi can be an etiquette hell
US president closes Japan visit with a meeting from the royal couple
Wednesday, 23rd April 2014
Tokyo's impressive Imperial Palace gets weekend tour dates
Tuesday, 22nd April 2014
Caroline Kennedy makes headlines with visit to Ise Grand Shrine
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