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If the thrill hanging upside-down at 100 miles an hour is more your thing than ancient temples and shrines then do not fear! Japan is a paradise for theme park fans. Some of the world's best theme parks are located in Japan. Whether you like the family fun of Disney Land, the movie world of Universal Studios, the bone shaking terror of the FujiQ Highland roller coasters or the ultimate kitsch of Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, the home of Hello Kitty, Japan can offer it all!

In our theme park section you will find just some of the theme parks available to visit in Japan. If the one you want to visit is not listed, let us know as we can supply tickets to most theme parks.

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Universal Studios Japan


Universal Studios came to Japan in 2001 and the Japanese showed their appreciation by turning up in force - 11 million people turned up in the first year! It is the fastest any park has reached that milestone, making it the most successful new theme park in history.

And they haven't stopped going - 9 million visited last year, and we are offering you the opportunity to be one of them! The park consists of 9 areas, with 18 blockbuster attractions including Spiderman, Jaws and E.T. You won't go hungry with 20 theme restaurants to choose from, and roving street performers will keep you entertained as you move around.

USJ is not only a great day out but gives an interesting insight into the Japanese take on Western culture and movies.



Universal Studios Japan is open almost everyday of the year, however the park can be closed if there is inclement weather.

Universal Studios Japan is located on the Osaka waterfront.  It can be included in any visit to Osaka, or as a day trip from Kyoto/Nara. 

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