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Japan offers fantastic accommodation options with something to suit all tastes and every budget. There are luxurious western style hotels, beautiful traditional inns, atmospheric temples lodgings and relaxing spa resorts. Wherever you like to stay whilst on holiday we are sure you will find it in Japan.

In this section we present just a few of our favourite accommodation experiences. These cross a range of budgets (especially for the Japanese inns) and we believe will be a real highlight of your trip. Each has something unique to recommend it that places it above the other accommodation available in that area.

If you donít see your preferred accommodation in this section, then do not worry! We work with thousands of hotels and across the length and breadth of Japan and can nearly always provide rooms at the accommodation of your choice.

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Homestay in Japan


Staying in a Japanese home will give you a chance to learn about the culture, language and customs from an angle not seen from the outside. This is the chance to make your own home away from home in Japan.

You will of course need to remember that you are a guest in a Japanese home and you will need to follow a few 'house rules' no doubt. Paying attention and thinking/asking before you act will make things go much smoother in your homestay. All of the homestay hosts are carefully vetted and you will have our full support during your stay as well as an orientation service in Japan.

As long as we know in advance, dietary requirements can almost always be catered for and you can choose to eat with your hosts or to eat out.

A homestay provides a great opportunity to improve your Japanese or learn some of the basics, experience a bit of 'everyday life' in Japan and make friendships and contacts in Japan. 

Homestays can be arranged year round and can vary from a couple of nights in length to a week or more.

We can arrange homestays throughout Japan.

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Plan your trip

Many thanks for taking the time to browse our web-site. We very much hope you are enjoying the site we have put together and that it has inspired you to contact us and take the first steps towards your holiday in Japan!

There are many things to consider when planning your Japan trip: time of year you wish to travel; how long you have available; where in Japan you want to go; the things you wish to experience; what budget you have available to name but a few.

Our Tailored Trip Enquiry Form is designed so we can get as clear an idea as possible as to what will make the perfect Japan trip for you.

After we have received your enquiry, one of our Japan-expert travel consultants will get in touch to discuss your trip in more detail so as we can out together a proposal for you. We donít ask for any money upfront to put together a quote and most importantly, every quote we do is 100% tailored for you.

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