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Mobiles and Wifi

Keeping in touch
Mobile phones and wi-fi during your Japan trip

In these days of facebook, twitter, smart phones and i-Pads access to the internet and keeping in touch with friends and family online has become an important part of many people's holiday experience. However, Japan is surprisingly, not the simplest place to keep in touch from.

Click here for our full answer to the question "Will my cell phone work in Japan?"

Free wi-fi is not readily available in Japan. Many hotels only offer wired internet connections (not much help if you are trying to get online with your i-Phone or Blackberry) and although the cities are covered in wi-fi zones they are all for subscribers only and can not be purchased on an ad-hoc basis. Kyoto City has introduced a free wi-fi zone in the centre of the city but you will not find this in many other cities. Similarly, although nearly all coffee shops and bars have wi-fi, it is nearly always a subscription service.

Mobile phones also present a bit of a headache and even if your phone does work you are likely to be hit for extremely high 'roaming charges' by your provider. Fortunately we have been able to find some solutions to both these problems!

Please note: If you plan to use your own cell phone then we recommend contacting your phone contract provider in advance to ask about service availability and costs for receiving and making calls whilst in Japan.

Mobile / Cell Phones in Japan & ‘Pocket Wi-Fi’
You can arrange phone rental on arrival at Tokyo Narita Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport and Osaka Kansai Airport. Do note that phones are subject to availability and do sometimes run out at the very busiest times.

PuPuRu Mobile Phone

If you want to guarantee a mobile phone and / or mobile internet for the duration of you trip we recommend reserving in advance. We have teamed up with PuPuRu mobile phone rental through whom you can arrange mobile phone rental and mobile 'pocket' wi-fi*. Please see visit the liks below for more information and to book your handsets:

 Mobile / Cell phone rental:

Pocket Wi-Fi rental:

Travelcell (US only)

Exclusively for our US clients only we have teamed up with Travecell. They can provide a cell phone and mobile wi-fi data card for your Japan vacation which can booked in advance and delivered to your address in the US prior to departure.

Cell Phone / Mobile Wi-Fi Data Card rental:

When placing an order either use the custom link above or please mention InsideJapan Tours code (IJT28).

* What is 'Pocket Wi-Fi'?

When you rent a 'Pocket Wi-Fi' handset you will receive a smart phone sized device which acts as a mobile wireless router. It fits comfortably into any pocket or handbag and creates a wi-fi zone with a reach of around 10 metres. You can wirelessly connect up to 10 devices simultaneously so even if you are a family of 5 all wielding your i-Phones you can all still get on line through a single Pocket Wi-Fi device.

Mobile coverage is very good in Japan meaning you can have wi-fi internet with you almost wherever you travel. Of cours eosme rural areas might not have such a good signal but in the cities you will be connected all the time. Even on the Shinkansen 'Bullet' Train you will find you are online all the way.


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