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USA Branch, Colorado

Our office in Colorado

InsideJapan Tours US branch office is located in central Boulder (on th elively Pearl Street) and only a stones throw from the Rocky Mountains. The branch serves all our North American clients and provides a more convenient way for them to communicate with our team, request itineraries, make bookings and gather information.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9-6 (Mountain Time)
Phone number: 303-952-0379
Fax number: 720-890-8549
Skype ID: ijt.usa

Currently we have a team of five in Boulder - Branch Manager Mat Eccles, travel consultants Amy Tadehara, Halley Trujillo and John McMillen and Nanao Carey who is in charge of Administration. Also assisting with administration from afar is Hagino Baker  who recently moved from Boulder to Arkansas 

If you are looking just to purchase the Japan Rail Pass be sure to check out our web site dedicated for the US rail pass market -

Mat Eccles Mat Eccles
USA Branch Manager

Our Colorado Office is run by Mat Eccles. Hailing from beautiful Yorkshire; Mat has always felt a calling to visit wild and wonderful places around the world. Brief stints teaching English in India and back packing around Southeast Asia were not enough so he found himself heading off to Japan; rural Yamanashi to be precise. After three years of mountain life, complete with mad hikes and bike rides, copious amounts of sake and a constant sense of amazement and fascination, he took up a job in travel, sending eager travelers all around Asia.

Now, having moved with his wife Dilek to the gorgeous state of Colorado, Mat has joined our team and finds himself indulging in his love of Japan with all our North American clients, whilst always on the lookout for the mountain lions, bears and coyotes that lurk in those parts. Now converted to the merits of baseball, he thinks that the abundant skiing, plentiful sunshine and tasty micro brews suit him well. 2012 saw the addition of baby Finn to the Eccles family helping keep Mat even busier than he was already!

In Boulder Mat manages all aspects of IJT's US operations, helping us to bring the very best IJT service to all our North American clients.

Amy Tadehara
Sales Consultant

A snoopy desire to know if her grandparents were talking about her led Amy to take Japanese in high school, which inspired her to apply for the JET Program. The next four fantastic years were spent teaching English in Sendai and traveling the country, especially in her home region of Tohoku, although an unexpected obsession with Tokyo Disney Resort saw her spending more time there than was probably healthy. After an unrivaled earthquake experience, Amy moved back to her hometown near Boulder to ponder her next move. She leapt at the chance to work at a job that combines her love of Japan and traveling by joining the US branch of InsideJapan.

Away from the office, Amy has several notable hobbies including collecting postcards, being an avid movie fan, and buying tons of books. Besides a love of J-pop music, she devotes herself to reading, watching favorite TV shows like BBC's Sherlock and NCIS, and fantasizing about traveling to places near and far. She is almost solely a baseball fan, but she has discovered the merits of soccer through necessity, but if you ask her to define the offside rule she will demure.


Hagino Baker

Born and raised in the snowy North Island of Hokkaido, Hagino always had a curiosity about different cultures. She has traveled to Vietnam, France, and Switzerland, but her favorite destination is New Zealand where she spent a year as a University student. Hagino has been hiking since her childhood, but her love of multi-day backpacking blossomed in the mountains of New Zealand. After graduating from Hirosaki University in northern Honshu, she returned to NZ and worked as a Hiking Guide and a Reservation Agent at a tour company. Now living in Colorado with her husband, she appreciates the similarity of the climate to her home town in Hokkaido as well as the abundant hiking opportunities. She also enjoys practicing and teaching yoga.

At InsideJapan Tours' Boulder office Hagino is in charge of administration ensuring that all the 'i's' are dotted, the 't's' are crossed and that all Mat's receipts are in order.
Halley Trujillo Halley Trujillo
Travel Consultant

A Colorado native, Halley studied at CU Boulder for her degrees in Japanese and Linguistics. After an action-packed year studying abroad in Osaka, she came back ready for more Japan. In 2009, Halley was lucky enough to be placed for work in beautiful Mie Prefecture through the JET Programme. During the next three years in her small mountain town of Komono, Halley kept up her love of dance and Japanese pop culture while gaining a love of Japanese sign language, midnight  karaoke, garden grown food, festivals and even (after much forced participation) a tolerance of sports. She finished her exciting JET life full of great memories and with a new dream of sharing this wonderful country with others.

Since moving back to Boulder, Halley has put this new passion into action by volunteering with the Rocky Mountain JET Alumni Association, performing traditional Japanese dance at CU Boulder, and teaching Japanese to elementary school students.  She is thrilled to join the team here at the IJT US branch and cannot wait to create Japan adventures for others..

Nanao Carey

Nanao Carey

Nanao grew up in Kamakura, a small town near Tokyo that is famous for the Big Buddha, old shrines and temples, beaches and flowers. While studying literature at university in Tokyo, she took a year off to travel both in Japan and further afield, including the U.S., Mexico, Cuba and Europe. The trip proved life changing! The people she met in Mexico inspired her to want to introduce Japan to more people abroad. 

Nanao now lives Boulder with her husband and enjoys hiking, yoga, and growing vegetables (including edamame!) in a local community garden. Still thoroughly Japanese at heart, she reads lots of Japanese manga and books (her favorite authors are Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto), cooks Japanese food, and likes to bathe for hours!  She is really excited to be a member of the IJT U.S. branch and hopes to help offer the best experience possible to travelers to Japan.

Nanao Carey

John McMillen
Travel Consultant

Johnís travel began at a young age.  His first stint in Japan was in the small town of Sasebo, on the island of Kyushu.   This was followed shortly thereafter by several years in Yokosuka, which is near Tokyo.  Having not gotten his fill of Japan, he returned for a 1-year study abroad at the University of Tsukuba.  Still not getting enough, he returned to the small town of Maruoka in Fukui Prefecture to teach English on the JET Programme.  Johnís years in Japan were some of the best in his life, and he considers Japan his second home.

Currently hailing from Colorado, John thoroughly enjoys the active outdoor lifestyle.  Some of Johnís favorite hobbies are climbing 14ers Ė Coloradoís highest peaks, skiing, biking, and rock climbing.  He is also a connoisseur of micro brews, which come in abundance in this beautiful state.  John continues to serves as President on the board of the Rocky Mountain JET Alumni Association where he helps to spread Japanese culture in the region.  He is also a member of Impact HUB Boulder, and is passionate about social enterprise.


Inside Japan Tours - Independent British Travel Awards 2011 - Best Tour Operator To East and Central Asia
The Guardian, The Observer - Travel Awards 2010 Winner - Best tour operator (small)
Inside Japan Tours - Silver at the British Travel Awards 2009