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IJT in the press 2008-09

InsideJapan in the Press

We are delighted to feature so regularly in the British press. Below you will find links to some of the articles that have appeared over the past year or so that feature InsideJapan Tours.

'The best things to do in 2010' - Jeremy Lazell
Sunday Times, 27th December 2009
The Times' Jeremy Lazell previews the year head and looks at some of the 'best events' to come in 2010 and refers to the Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo in September.
Jeremy Lazell knows his stuff when it comes to Japan as he use to live there!

'Ultratravel - Top ten winter treats'
The Telegraph, 12th November 2009
The article appeared on the Telegraph Online website and in the Ultratravel magazine and focuses on the 'Hot Springs of Japan' self guided package which incorporates some of the best and most beautiful traditional hot springs in Japan.

'The ski season's key trends for 2010' - Tom Chesshyre
The Times, 10th October 2009
The Times looks at various ski resorts throughout the world but looks at the 'off the beaten slopes' option of winter sports in Japan. They have looked at various options in Japan with InsideJapan Tours.
You might also like to look at our 'Winter Price Cruncher' self guided package for best value snow.

'The Travellers Guide To: Japan in Winter' -Tam Leach
Sunday Independent, 5th October 2009
The 'Sinde' looks at Japan as a destination in the winter covering everything from skiing to sight-seeing to eating out. The Independent refers to InsideJapan Tours as being able to organise package ski trips to Japan.
For the record, Japan is a great place to visit during the winter for a touch of skiing and an amazing cultural experience.

 'Ski Clinic: Which resort is best for us' - Tom Robbins
The Observer, 4th October 2009
The ski editor of the Guardian and Observer (Tom Robbins) mentions InsideJapan when referencing some of the worlds best snow in Hokkaido, Japan.

 'Turn that trip into a two centre holiday' - Mark Rowe
Sunday Independent, 27th September 2009
The Independent looks at Japan as a stopover option when travelling to Australia. InsideJapan organise various stopovers ranging from a night or two to a few weeks. This article looks at a Tokyo stopover and also looks at doing something different. in this case it is hiking Mt. Takao on the outskirts of Tokyo.

'Bite the Bullet' by Katie Bowman
The Times - 15th September

Katie Bowman has written this amusing piece about travelling around on the Bullet train in Japan. The article praises Japan and its transport network and the fact that the Shinkansen makes it possible to get just about anywhere in Japan. Katie visited Tokyo and Kyoto amongst other places and also visited the small hot spring town of Kinosaki staying at a traditional ryokan. This is well worth a read.
An extended version was featured in the Sunday Times Travel magazine.

"Finding Eternal Youth in Japan" - Michael Booth
Sunday Times, 7th June 2009
Food journalist, Michael Booth has extended his love of Japanese food to the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa in this article. Life expectancy is the longest in the world and the island also has the highest concentration of centenarians - more than anywhrere else in the world. Booth looks into the diet of the islanders along with other factors that makes this island a great place to visit and even live. Michael Booth obviously loves Japan which shines through his work as does his humour. The article refers to a tailored package that we put together, but you may also like to look at our Ishigaki package.

"Solar Eclipse 2009" - Martin Symington
The Daily Mail, 27th May 2009
The Mail lists Japan amongst a few other places in the world to view the 2009 solar eclipse. In fact, Japan's Yakushima island is where you can see the eclipse in its totality for longer than anywhere else in the world.

"The Best Travel Websites"
The Telegraph, 23rd May 2009

This little piece originally appeared in the Saturday Telegraph correctly proclaiming that InsideJapan Tours are the people who can organise your Japan travels. The article has also appeared online on the "Best Travel Websites" page which is also quite right!

"Japan on two wheels"
The Observer, 29th March 2009

The Observer newspaper and Guardian online highlighted the new "Japan By Bike" Self Guided package. This trip allows people to explore some of the well known and lesser known destinations of Japan in a very different way. Travelling in Japan opens up all sorts of new experiences for the foreigner but travelling by bike offers a completely different outlook. A unique trip worthy of the national newspapers travel news "In Brief" section.

"A new look at the ways of Ancient Japan" - Kate Graham
The Observer, 22nd March 2009

Kate went to the rural island of Shikoku to experience our Responsible Tourism Self Guided package "Kyoto & Shikoku - Paths Less Travelled" for herself. She stayed for 3 nights at the Chiiori farmhouse in the mountains of Shikoku and loved the experience where she helped re-thatch the roof and make soba noodles amongst other things as well as staying in a truly traditional accommodation in a stunning location. Kate also travelled to other areas covered in the Self Guided package including Matsuyama which is famous for its hot spring - Dogo Onsen.

Turbulent History is in the Air - Kieran Meeke"
Metro, 20th March 2009
This article in the free Metro newspaper looks at the beautiful city and rich history of Kagoshima on the southern island of Kyushu. Kieran Meeke has referred to our "Kyushu Elements" small group tour which visits this laid back city as well as the nearby World Heritage island of Yakushima.

"Where to book and Obama Break"
The Guardian, 20th January 2009 

The small town of Obama on the west coast of Japan has gone mad for the new American President for obvious reasons. On the wave of Obama-mania the Guardian printed an article on Obama related tours across the world. Of course Insidejapan were not shy in announcing that they can include stays in this small but historical town.


"Japan by the book" - Fiona Duncan
Sunday Telegraph, 13th May 2007

Fiona travelled to Kyoto to discover the classic sights of the ancient capital before moving on to the Japan Sea Coast regions where she came across a very different Japan! Fiona came to discover that the InsideJapan Tours Info-Pack is far from your standard travel documents, but rather an essential companion on your trip.

“Once Were Warriors” – Dan Hayes
CNN Traveller September 2008

Dan Hayes looks at the Kyushu region of Japan and writes about the deep rooted traditions in modern Japanese culture and society as well as the modern history from the samurai to post World War. This piece for the US news giants refers to our Self Guided "Kyushu Adventure" .

"Japan: Monkey business amid the mountains" by Sara Evans
Sunday Telegraph November 9th 2008

Sarah Evans travelled up to the snowy village of Yudanaka to photograph the famous 'snow monkeys' (more accurately, Japanese Macaques), as they relax and play in the natural hot spring baths. These monkeys are the world's northern-most non-human primates and are certainly very cute indeed.
Yudanaka is included on our Winter Highlights small group tour and as part of our Winter Sports and Culture Self-Guided Adventure.

"Tokyo: The Smart Guide" - Danielle Demetriou
Sunday Times February 10th  2008

In Danielle's guide to Tokyo she lists the essentials of this great Metropolis and quite rightly picks InsideJapan Tours as the specialist company to organise your package trip. Of course we are first choice!

"Tokyo: the Insider's Guide" – Mark Hodson
Sunday Times May 10th 2008

This piece describes the writers first impressions of Japan's capital city and looks at some of the things that make this city great - public transport that works, delicious food and the constant fusion of the old and the new. InsideJapan are highlighted as one of the experts.

“Hear Hear! Summer’s top music festivals” – Adrian Mourby
Independent on Sunday May 11th 2008
Adrain Mourby takes a look around the globe at the very best music festival and of course, Fuji Rock Festival in Japan is one of them.

“My stay in the Big Buddha House” – Danielle Demetriou
Sunday Times 13th July 2008
Danielle Demetriou travelled to Mt. Koya in Wakayama Prefecture and “joined the monks in a Japanese Shingon Temple for some light meditation, a spot of calligraphy….and some cream cakes”

"Japanese food and drink: Jonathan Ray gets a lesson in sake" - Jonathon Ray

Telegraph, 31st January 2008
Jonathon travelled to Japan to pay a visit to the famous sake brewery Nanbu Bijin in Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan. InsideJapan Tours arranged for a specialist sake guide to accompany him and this made all the difference to his trip allowing him to gain real insights into what the world of sake is all about.

"An exciting excursion to Planet Tokyo" - John Clarke
The Times, 20th March 2008
John recommends a stay at Tokyo's fabulous Peninsula Hotel as well as a trip to Tsukiji Fishmarket for an early morning sushi breakfast.

“Way Out East - The full story” – Chris Heath

Sunday Telegraph Travel Magazine, 10th February 2008
To research this superb article, Chris Heath made the 3000 mile journey from the northern tip of Hokkaido to the southernmost islands of Okinawa. Along the way he encountered all the unique eccentricites and quirky culture that make Japan such an amazing and endlessly varied holiday destination. This feature is an especially good read for anyone looking for more unusual ideas for their trip.
InsideJapan Tours were featured in the print versrion of this article.

"Japan at Christmas" - Richard Green
Sunday Times Travel Clinic, 24th April 2007

When thinking about Japan a Christmas or New Year holiday doesn't immediately spring to mind. However, in this short article Richard Green hihglights some of the reasons why Japan is a fabulous place to spend a very different festive season.

"The Traveller's Guide To: Japan in winter" - Tam Leace
The Independent, 27th January 2007
Far from being just the latest novelty ski Japan destination, Japan has perhaps more ski resorts than any other contry in the world! In this feature Tam Leace outlines some of the best places to go skiing and some of the best destinations to visit in winter.
InsideJapan Tours has been offering skiing holidays in Japan since 2001, making us the original UK company to offer skiing in Japan.

“The Far East : All your questions answered” – David Wickers
Goodhousekeeping May 2008.

“Exotic and Affordale. Tokyo is for people who hate feeling at home when abroad. Its unlike anywhere else…But it’s also a city of helpful inhabitants, a super-efficient metro, safe streets, stylish shops and exotic temples – and its never been so affordable….Opt for Inside Japan’s nine night itinerary including Hakone National Park, Tokyo and Kyoto…”

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