Family experiences

Exciting, inspiring and educational experiences for the whole family.

We believe that the best holidays are about more than just sightseeing or lying on a beach (although they're important too!). In our opinion, the best holidays give you the opportunity to get hands-on with the local culture through a variety of engaging experiences.

The following experiences are just a few of the great activities you could incorporate into a family holiday. These experiences are a fantastic way to teach your children about Japan by involving them in the culture - and they're great fun too!

  • The "black crow" castle

    Follow in the footsteps of samurai at Matsumoto Castle, one of the best preserved original castles in Japan.

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  • Roketsu indigo dyeing

    Spend a fun morning or afternoon learning how to dye material in the traditional Japanese style at Yamamoto Roketsu Dyeing Studio in Kyoto

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  • Manga drawing class

    Become a student of an official manga and animation school and create your own work under the watchful eye of a published manga artist.

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  • Sea kayaking

    Sightseeing and exercise combine is the form of sea kayaking, a great way to see Miyajima's 'floating' shrine gate up close.

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  • Kashikiri private baths

    All the plus points of an onsen hot spring experience, but you won't have to share.

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  • Ghibli Museum

    The magical worlds of Miyazaki's animations collide to create a museum where the visitors are every bit as important as the exhibits on show.

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