Sustainable Tourism - Introduction

What's it all about?

Sustainable Tourism is at the heart of InsideJapan Tours. We are very aware that our business has an environmental, economical and social impact on Japan, the Japanese culture and the Japanese people. For us Sustainable Tourism is our duty to maximise the positive impact and reduce the negative impact of our holidays and our business on Japan.

In short, we love Japan and take our responsibility towards this fantastic country very seriously!

Please explore the pages in the Sustainable Tourism section of our website. Here you can read more about our Sustainable Tourism policy, get tips for how you can be green in Japan and find details of our charity efforts in the UK and Japan.


  • We are members of AITO (the Association of Independent Tour Operators) and have achieved 4 AITO Sustainable Tourism stars and are working towards our fifth star. Bristol staff member Ruth is on the AITO Sustainable Tourism committee.

    For more details of AITO's Sustainable Tourism policy please click here.

  • We work in association with the Travel Foundation, also based in Bristol. We have raised money for the Travel Foundation and they advise us on all things Sustainable Tourism. Please click here for the Travel Foundation website.


We know we're not perfect and our always looking for ways to improve the Sustainable Tourism aspect of our business. But we're really proud of our achievements so far.

Ruth is our Sustainable Tourism coordinator. Staff, clients and anybody who's interested in Sustainable Tourism are all welcome to send suggestions or feedback to Ruth.

Respect For Japan

We love Japan and aim to treat Japanese people and the Japanese culture with respect and understanding. We don't want to impose our Western way of doing things on to the Japanese, and we do our best to ensure that our holidays have a minimal negative impact on Japan.

Here are some examples of what we do:

  • We encourage interaction with Japanese culture as opposed to experiencing Japan as a voyeur. Our tour leaders, guides and Info-Packs help clients understand the history and culture of Japan, so visitors can really get beneath the surface.
  • We follow local laws and customs. For example Japanese hikers always stick to designated hiking routes and we encourage our clients to do the same
  • We support the practice and revival of local skills and traditions. The Japanese are rightly proud of their traditional arts for example, and worry that these skills will die out with future generations. That's why we encourage our clients to try activities such as tea ceremony or taiko drumming
  • Our staff are encouraged to keep learning about Japan. In the Bristol office we have a small library of Japanese books, we organise cinema trips to see Japanese films and regularly visit Japanese restaurants; anything to keep us in touch with Japan.