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Japan is a country that broadens the mind and stretches the imagination - a place where ancient cultures and cutting-edge technology stand side by side. 

Kimono-wearing geisha shuffle to appointments on the weaving streets of Kyoto, towering neon-clad skyscrapers stand above the biggest city in the world, and contemporary art meets the steady swish of a calligraphy brush. There is a hotel with robots for receptionists, a landscape that is 70% mountainous, and sell-out sumo tournaments played in the same way for hundreds of years. Explanations, videos and textbooks can only go so far; being there brings it all to life.

Why Choose Japan for your School Trip?

With safe streets, friendly people and fascinating culture, Japan is a place that challenges perceptions - while remaining safe enough to explore. Students can tuck into bento boxes whilst whizzing past countryside on the shinkansen (bullet train), watch traditional dances by highly-skilled geisha, and make new friends playing rugby matches with local schools. One thing's for certain - they won't be bored!

In the evening, they can try one of Japan's many famous dishes, and discuss the day's adventures.

Bespoke and tailored itineraries

Whether studying geography, art, business or technology, our tailor-made itineraries are curated to inspire the next generation. Our team of dedicated Japanophiles (all of whom have lived or travelled extensively in the country) have unrivalled knowledge, as well as connections with a wide range of accommodation options; so we can tailor all of our trips to suit the requirements and budget of your group. 

Our sample itineraries are examples of the sort of trips that we have planned before, but we are more than happy to create a personalised tour to match your needs.

Experts in Our Field

We founded the company to share our passion for Japan so every single trip is personal - leaving nothing to chance. All of our tour leaders and experts in the Japan office are bilingual and always on-hand to help. With safety and security accreditations, along with extensive experience, we can guarantee that each school tour not only goes to plan, but exceeds the expectations of both students and teachers.

Having arranged award-winning group tours for the past 15 years, we have fostered relationships with providers of unforgettable experiences; otherwise inaccessible to tourists. We'd be delighted to help you discover the very best parts of our favourite country.

Get in Touch
To enquire about your next school tour to Japan, either click the enquiry link at the top of this page, or email Special Groups Manager, Sam directly: [email protected]

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