Japan Rail Pass

Order Your Japan Rail Pass Online. The Japan Rail Pass offers exceptional value for money when travelling in Japan with unlimited travel on the JR rail network including on the world famous 'Bullet Train'.

You can order the 7, 14 and 21 day JR passes online with free-of-charge UK delivery and no hidden charges such as credit card fees.

Good news for US residence!

You can buy the Japan Rail Pass Voucher in the US and we can send out for you!

Please click the following webaddress: https://www.japanrailpass.us/

Regional Japan Rail Passes

A range of regional passes are available for those visiting just a small area of Japan. https://www.insidejapantours.com/japan-rail-pass-regional/

Temporary Web Shop Closure: 22nd April - 3rd May

Our Japan Rail Pass web shop will be temporarily closed between 2pm on Friday, April 22nd and 9am on Tuesday, May 3rd.

If you have any urgent enquiries, please contact our UK Office on 0117 370 9750 or email [email protected]

0117 370 9750
0117 370 9750
0117 370 9750
0117 370 9750

For more information email us: [email protected] or call: 303 952 0379


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