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Tuesday, 29th April 2014
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Silk mill to get UNESCO recognition?

UNESCO has already recognised many of Japan's fantastic temples and shrines with its World Heritage Status list as well as the country's mouth-watering cuisine, but the latest proposition to the organisation is an altogether different choice.

A 19th-century silk mill located near Tokyo could well be the latest attraction from the country to be given World Cultural Heritage status, with an advisory body recommending the establishment.

According to the proposal document, the Tomioka Silk Mill and related sites in the Gunma Prefecture developed innovative silk-weaving technology and greatly contributed to the development of the silk industry - not just in Japan but across the world.

The grey-roofed unremarkable building is a far cry from the beautiful temples that occupy Nikko, or the stunning natural beauty of Yakushima on the island of Yuta, but it is a reminder of the fact Japanese innovation has gone on to achieve more than technological toilets and manga.

Written by Susan Ballion


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