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Friday, 18th November 2011
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Emperor in hospital with ?mild? pneumonia

Japanese emperor Akihito has been laid up in the University of Tokyo Hospital for the past ten days with what doctors have recognised as mild pneumonia.

He was originally admitted following symptoms indicative of bronchitis, as palace officials confirmed his temperature hit a peak of 39 degrees centigrade.

Although a spokeswoman suggested his condition is improving with a drop in temperature, it is yet unknown when Akihito will be discharged.

According to AFP, this is the second bout of pneumonia to attack the royal family in recent weeks as his granddaughter, Aiko, was taken into hospital with the complaint earlier this month.

Typically, pneumonia is caused by a chest infection that causes inflammation of one or both of the body’s lungs.

Not only does this restrict your breathing, but the flow of oxygen is reduced as the body is less able to absorb it.

Akihito, who took to the throne in 1989, faced threats to his health in 2003 when he underwent surgery to treat prostate cancer.

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