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Wednesday, 12th January 2011
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Japanese comic hero in Tokyo?

A recent number of anonymous gifts to underprivileged children have led to reports that a comic book hero could be present in Tokyo.

Kyodo News reports that the donations first appeared on Christmas Day, when presents were left at a Tokyo-based children's welfare centre complete with a note claiming there were from Naroto Date - the alter ego of professional wrestling character Tiger Mask.

Since this first incident, over 30 similar acts have been reported, with donations including packages of cash, food, models, toys and even school bags.

Japan's health, labour and welfare minister, Ritsuo Hosokawa, welcomed the acts of kindness and announced he has been "deeply moved" by the generosity of the donations.

Naoto Date originally features in a 1960s manga comic book series as well as a television show produced by Toei Animation. In the stories, he works as a wrestler and donates his prize money to children.

Written by Mark Smith