Iwatayama monkey mountain

You don't have to venture far to find monkeys! 170 macaques roam freely in Kyoto's monkey park.

Iwatayama monkey park on the outskirts of Kyoto is home to a population of 170 macaques looked after by rangers. The monkeys move freely through the park, swinging from trees above you or lounging around in the sun for photographs. A short uphill climb takes your through the park grounds to a plateau with wide views across Kyoto City; a lovely backdrop to the monkey madness. Visitors can feed the monkeys at designated times, but this happens with a twist: it's humans who have to stand inside a cage, while the monkeys grab food through the bars from the outside!

When to go: Monkeys can be seen all year round but remember these are wild animals and sometimes the whole troupe will disappear off into the forest for a time.

Iwatayama monkey mountain

located in Kyoto

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