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Ian Thomas (United Kingdom) - Kyushu Adventure, Oct 2017


  1. 1. How would you describe your overall level of satisfaction with us as your tour operator?


    The overall tour was great, and gave us a varied and interesting stay in Kyushu. All the accommodation was at least good. We were able to try out a variety of experiences from food to hot sand baths! We had very good service from Claire during the booking process, with quick responses to e-mails and phone calls. The Inside Japan team in Japan were also very helpful in organising accommodation and reassuring us. Our guides in Japan were generally good though sometimes their English was a little unclear. The Yakushima Experience Guide, Cameron, was excellent.

  2. 2. Consultant name and satisfaction rating:

    Claire Brothers - Superb Service, Extremely Satisfied

    Claire was very enthusiastic and helpful, and was able to respond well to all out questions.

  3. 3. How would you rate your package in terms of value for money?


  4. 4. How would you rate the accommodation against your expectations?

    Exceeded my expectations

    We enjoyed the variety - from western style to traditional ryokan. All were clean and comfortable, and sleeping on the floor on a futon was another positive experience.

  5. 5. Please give us your comments on the transport included in your package.

    Having travelled by plane, bus, train, ferry and hire car, as well as local transport in each city and town, it all went very well. the hire cars were particularly useful on Yakushima and around Mt Aso.

  6. 6. Please comment on any professional guiding included in your package?

    We had three guides - in Nagasaki, our guide was thoughtful and generous with her time - and gave us a gift of origami cranes - a lovely touch. Her English was Ok but we needed to concentrate. In Kyoto we had a re-arranged guide due to the delay in arriving there. Our new guide was enthusiastic and took Mike on quite a trip round the city. Cameron of Yakushima Experience was excellent. We would have liked to have a spent the whole day with him, he was so good at passing on his knowledge.He was also very considerate and watchful - that we didn't fall etc. He checked we had the right clothing etc before we started.

  7. 7. How do you rate the usefulness and standard of information in the Info-Pack?


  8. 8. Would you consider travelling to Japan again?


  9. 9. Would you travel again with InsideJapan Tours?


    I particularly liked going off the usual tourist routes. The accommodation and transport links had been well researched, and we were able to experience the real Japan even if this did mean Miso soup at most meals and only using chop sticks, even to fillet a fish! The guidebooks you sent us were very informative and we used them to try out some of the recommended places to eat. The flexible approach meant we were able to organise our own flights to Japan with linked internal flights It all worked very well. The original brochure was good and gave us a good idea of what to expect.

Review submitted: 10th Nov 2017 at 15:28

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