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Giles Henderson - Independent Travel, Sep 2017


  1. 1. How would you describe your overall level of satisfaction with us as your tour operator?


    We worried that a line would be drawn at some point, with our constant tweaking and requests. But somehow Toby was happy and effective in actioning everything we asked for! We had a magical time, we felt safe in Japan, and excited by every new experience. Every day brought something new and amazing - I would thoroughly recommend most of our experiences in Japan - in fact, I'd recommend our whole itinerary! All of this is down, in huge part, to Toby and Inside Japan being awesome.

  2. 2. Consultant name and satisfaction rating:

    Toby Gallagher - Superb Service, Extremely Satisfied

    As above, Toby went above and beyond to make sure we had a unique, perfect travel experience, lending expertise when needed, and allowing us to plan extras off our own bat. Brilliant work!

  3. 3. How would you rate your package in terms of value for money?

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  4. 4. How would you rate the accommodation against your expectations?

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  5. 5. Please give us your comments on the transport included in your package.

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  6. 6. Please comment on any professional guiding included in your package?

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  7. 7. How do you rate the usefulness and standard of information in the Info-Pack?

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  8. 8. Would you consider travelling to Japan again?

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  9. 9. Would you travel again with InsideJapan Tours?

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InsideJapan says: Hi Giles,

Many thanks again for travelling with us and for your feedback, it's great to hear how much you enjoyed everything.  Travelling around different parts of the country means you do get to see such the huge contrast that Japan has to offer and does make every part of the trip something different to look forward to. 

All the best,


Review submitted: 11st Oct 2017 at 14:41

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