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Kenna (United States) - Golden Route, Jun 2019


  1. 1. How would you describe your overall level of satisfaction with us as your tour operator?


    Everyone that had helped me were amazing! I greatly appreciate all the help provided.

  2. 2. Consultant name and satisfaction rating:

    Amy Tadehara - Superb Service, Extremely Satisfied

    Amy was beyond amazing, she was very hands on, and answered all my questions. When we had our phone chat, she even spoke with my mom and answered all her questions. She went above and beyond with everything for my trip, and also always showed consideration how everything has been going since I am a recent university graduate. I can tell she loves her job and she always put her all into her work. I have nothing but positives for Amy!

  3. 3. How would you rate your package in terms of value for money?


  4. 4. How would you rate the accommodation against your expectations?

    Exceeded my expectations

  5. 5. Please give us your comments on the transport included in your package.

    It was very helpful to have everything on hand. I was a bit confused at times, but luckily the information center and some of my tour guides were very helpful with explaining to me what to do.

  6. 6. Please comment on any professional guiding included in your package?

    All my guides were wonderful. My Tokyo guide was really cool and very knowledgeable about the areas. My Gion guide was extremely entertaining and quite an animated character. My conversations with her were amazing. My Kyoto guide was a bit more reserved, but she was very kind and knowledgeable about areas we had visited. She even helped me speak for a lady at the ticket station for me to purchase tickets to see a Kabuki.

  7. 7. How do you rate the usefulness and standard of information in the Info-Pack?


  8. 8. Would you consider travelling to Japan again?


  9. 9. Would you travel again with InsideJapan Tours?


    Amy was amazing with everything and was extremely helpful every step of the way. When she was out of town, I had Hailey help me out when I had a question or two. Everyone who I had spoken with was very helpful, and I enjoyed every moment that I was in Japan.

InsideJapan says: Welcome back, Kenna! I was so excited to read your feedback (and hear from you) about what an amazing time you had on your special Japan adventure, and am happy to hear that your guides also went above and beyond to help you get the most of your stay. I've noted your comments about a few of the breakfasts at the hotels and we will look into this for the future. Best wishes for the rest of 2019! ~ Amy T

Review submitted: 08th Jul 2019 at 16:12

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