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Barry King-smith (United Kingdom) - Independent Travel, Nov 2018


  1. 1. How would you describe your overall level of satisfaction with us as your tour operator?


    Food was excellent and you got what you paid for. High prices top quality. Only disappointment was at Kanazawa, 286 Uchikuru as recommended, was poor and cheap. It should be removed from identified list. Perhaps included a great little place 'OTOKAWA', Run by the 74 year old owner Masashi Otokawa, who cooked your food in front of you, high quality personal touch, eating with the locals. Fun evening. Also, West Coast could be included as a good place for a coffee and snack. Really good coffee at Curio Expresso and vintage design cafe. At Kyoto, coffee and light breakfast at Coffee Club, near Geage station.

  2. 2. Consultant name and satisfaction rating:

    Rachel Rykala - Superb Service, Extremely Satisfied

    Our travel consultant built a very good tour based upon our pre-defined interests.

  3. 3. How would you rate your package in terms of value for money?


  4. 4. How would you rate the accommodation against your expectations?

    Exceeded my expectations

    The accommodation in Kyoto, a private house, was not an easy place to stay. The stairs were very steep, the place was cold, and poorly lit. Only suitable for young adults.

  5. 5. Please give us your comments on the transport included in your package.

    All excellent. Supplied travel paperwork (ticket etc) were very helpful.

  6. 6. Please comment on any professional guiding included in your package?

    Insiders were excellent. local guides were very good.

  7. 7. How do you rate the usefulness and standard of information in the Info-Pack?


  8. 8. Would you consider travelling to Japan again?


  9. 9. Would you travel again with InsideJapan Tours?

    No Answer Given

Review submitted: 22nd Jan 2019 at 10:09

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