Tyler Palma

Tyler Palma

Special subjects: Whiskey, sushi, East Asian politics, art

Originally from Wyoming, Tyler first visited Japan in 2001 on a round-the-world boat trip that took him to Nagasaki and Osaka. Since then, though he has travelled to over 67 countries, lived all over East Asia, and led hiking, kayaking and cultural tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, China and Korea; Japan has continued to work its magic, and he has now lived in Tokyo for the past seven years.

Today, Tyler is a senior tour leader and ground manager for all our tours – not only in Japan but in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma. A fluent Japanese speaker, avid calligrapher, whiskey aficionado and sushi connoisseur – with an MA in the Political Economy of East Asia, no less – Tyler has a formidable depth of knowledge of Japanese culture spanning a wide variety of subjects, as any of his excellent blog posts can well attest.

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