3 videos that make you want to travel to Japan right now

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We can’t travel right now, but it won’t be long. We can feel it in our bones.  Until then, nobody can stop you from dreaming. 
These three videos are a little taste of Japan that’ll leave you hungry for more…


“Japan: Where tradition meets the future”

Geisha coexist with gamers. Mountain temples contrast with skyscrapers. It may be clichéed to call Japan a land of contrasts — but it’s true.

“Discover Japan”

Japan’s not just about the famous sights. It’s about the chance encounters, the people-watching, the weird little things you can’t explain.

“Hope Lights the Way”

The pandemic won’t last forever, and when it ends, Japan will be waiting — with its incredible dive sites, its epic ski runs, and everything in between.

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