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2012 has been a huge year for us in the UK. Continued medal success at the London Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and of course the best is yet to come….InsideJapan Tours’ 12th birthday!

To celebrate this and all the good things about the number 12, we have joined up with Virgin Atlantic to give away an amazing trip to Japan  and invite you Blog to Japan!

We want people to show us what they can do with photo, video and words with their blog. Give us 12 good reasons as to why you be going to Japan in the most innovative, imaginative and exciting way and we will be sending you to Japan for two and a half weeks.

If you have always wanted to go to Japan, then this is your chance!

The winners will win a trip that will take them from the Tokyo Metropolis to the old Imperial capital of Kyoto, a crazy cultural festival in Osaka, the chance to reflect at a  Buddhist temple lodging on sacred Mt. Koya, the serene Miyajima Island, the stunning Kamikochi national park and more. All of this will happen at a time of year when the mountains and temple gardens are lit up by red and gold autumn leaves and the temperature very pleasant. The winner will also have a whole host of cultural experiences included adding to this adventure of a lifetime which would usually cost you in the region of £4000pp.

As the winner, all we ask is that you blog each day during your trip providing us with inspirational posts full of exciting video and provoking images giving us an insight into the country, culture and people as well as your first experience of this unique destination.

What you need to do….

So, all you need to do is blog 12 good reasons as to why you and your blogging partner should be travelling to Japan. For example, what are your preconceptions of Japan; why have you always wanted to go; Have you have always liked sushi and sumo; Perhaps you  are a fan of Tadao Ando and his architecture or you like Enka folk music or maybe you are into Hayao Miyazaki anime. Give us something interesting and show us what you can do.

Once you have created your blog, send a link to [email protected]  between now and August 31st and you will be one step closer to travelling to Japan.

InsideJapan Tours will pick their top three blogs from the entries sent in. We will ask you for your proposal as to what you will be able to provide for us with on this trip in terms of content. InsideJapan will then put the vote to fans on the InsideJapan Tours Facebook page to help pick the winner.

Keep an eye on the InsideJapan Tours Facebook page or follow @insidejapan on Twitter to keep an eye on what is going on.

Have a look at  or perhaps take a look at Vimeo for a few ideas. Don’t expect anything quite as good as this, but I love this Japan video and wanted an excuse to add it to the blog.





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