Our team at Inside Japan Tours

The sun never sets on the InsideJapan Tours team (well, maybe on Sundays) as we have offices in Bristol (UK), Boulder, (USA), Brisbane (Australia) and Nagoya (Japan). On this page you can meet the people behind our Japan tours and holidays.

We have a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but you can be sure that the one thing that ties us all together is a love of Japan, Japanese culture and a passionate desire to share that with other people.

From the accounts department, through the travel consultant teams to the tour leaders and guides on the ground, you can rest assured that everything we do is to make sure you have the best possible experience of Japan.

Babur Moghul

While each of our travel consultants have lived and travelled extensively in Japan, Babur spent an impressive 15 years making Nagoya home.

Babur's mother is Japanese, so while growing up in Oxford he became used to faraway family members sending big parcels of "exotic" Japanese snacks and toys, and can still recall the thrill of receiving a Nintendo Gameboy six months ahead of anyone else in the UK!

Once old enough, he set off to live in Japan, teaching English at businesses and schools; learning more about the culture; reading plenty of Japanese literature; and getting to know the rest of his family. He settled into Nagoya life quickly and soon became an ardent Nagoya Grampus fan (best known for making it to the top of the table under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger).

Though Nagoya is his favourite place of all, he took every opportunity to travel - for the food if nothing else! One of Babur's favourite things about exploring Japan is the chance to try regional specialities of his favourite foods, from the best sushi and sashimi in summer to steaming bowls of nabe (hot pot) and ramen in winter. If you find yourself in Nagoya, he insists you won't regret giving the speciality chicken wings, deep fried pork cutlets and grilled eel a go.

When he's not reading the latest Murakami novel, trying new food or keeping an eye on the football, Babur loves getting into the great outdoors. Despite being afraid of heights, he's ticked an impressive number of heady hiking spots off his list, including Mount Kisokoma and Kakizore Valley, as well as sheer rock faces. He's even taken on Mount Ontake - a live volcano! Now back in the UK, he certainly won't be short of a football match or two, but climbing live volcanoes might be off the cards!

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