Our team at Inside Japan Tours

The sun never sets on the InsideJapan Tours team (well, maybe on Sundays) as we have offices in Bristol (UK), Boulder, (USA), Brisbane (Australia) and Nagoya (Japan). On this page you can meet the people behind our Japan tours and holidays.

We have a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but you can be sure that the one thing that ties us all together is a love of Japan, Japanese culture and a passionate desire to share that with other people.

From the accounts department, through the travel consultant teams to the tour leaders and guides on the ground, you can rest assured that everything we do is to make sure you have the best possible experience of Japan.

Leslie Wharton

Of all the subjects that Leslie could have chosen on a whim at college, it was lucky that she just so happened to give Japanese a go; little did she know that this off the cuff decision would have such an impact on the rest of her life.

This Delaware native became so fascinated with Japanese language and culture that she packed her bags to dip a toe into life in Kobe. This clean and safe country with its kind people and endless ancient sites and traditions (quite different from a young country like the US) soon charmed her.

As an avid reader, she also struck gold when she realised just how cheap manga is - she soon found herself with a whole suitcase full of titles. By her own admission, she has more books than she can keep track of!

After a month in Japan, there was no stopping her. She returned to the city for another month; spent a year at university in Fukuoka; worked in Nakatsu as an English teacher for five years; and travelled the length and breadth of the country, all the way from Sakurajima in the south, up to Rebunto in the far north.

Although she loved everything about the country, including the food (particularly kinako mochi - which she ate every day), she did miss American cakes and pastries. There was simply no replacement so she took it upon herself to start making her own, proving (pun unintended) to be such a dab hand that when she returned to the US, she actually worked as a baker in a restaurant.

As well as horseback riding, reading manga and watching movies, she still bakes from time to time, fortunately we have plenty of InsideJapan Tours staff who are more than willing to test out the treats (just to make sure they're okay, of course).

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