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"An urban oasis in the middle of the largely rural prefecture of the same name, Akita means fine sake, amazing festivals and (supposedly) the most beautiful women in all of Japan!"

Harry Sargant - Tailored Department Manager

Akita is one of only a few large cities on the northwest coast of Japan and is an important port and industrial centre. Although the city dates back to the eighth century, very little of the old city remains giving it a very modern feel.  The surrounding area is said to grow the best rice and have exceptionally pure water, making its sake some of the best in the country.

Akita is a good place for art lovers with the Hirano Masakichi Art Musuem housing a valuable collection of work by Western and Japanese artists. Whilst being home to pieces by Goya, Picasso, Rubens and Rembrandt, it is more famously known for Fujita Tsuguharu’s enormous painting, Events in Akita , which takes up a whole wall in the museum at 20 metres long.    

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