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News Archive - January 2009

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Friday, 30th January 2009
Japan is among a number of Asian countries who are expected to bid to host the 2018 World Cup, it has been reported.
Japan is a great place to embark on a music-buying excursion, particularly after going to see a gig, it has been claimed.
Thursday, 29th January 2009
Tokyo's Kubuki-za is set to be refurbished to feature new offices on top of a new 2,000-capacity theatre wing.
A new solar power plant is to be constructed near Tokyo as Japan continues to press ahead with its advancement into the global renewable energy market.
The Asia-Pacific 'super series' has been rocked after the Japan Golf Tour Organisation (JGTO) slammed the organisation surrounding the event.
A new health service is being launched by Nintendo for its popular Wii games console.
Wednesday, 28th January 2009
Japanese tennis player Ai Sugiyama and her Slovakian partner Daniela Hantuchova have made it through to the semi-finals of the women's doubles at the Australian Open.
Taro Aso, Japan's prime minister pledged today (January 28th) to create 1.6 million jobs in the country over the next two years.
Courtney Love, the controversial rocker and ex-wife of the late Kurt Cobain, has spoken of her obsession with Japan on MySpace blog.
Tuesday, 27th January 2009
UK fashion chain Burberry Group has announced it intends to open at least 50 new stores across Japan over the next five years.
Visitors to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation are being invited to go on a unique, three-dimensional journey through space.
Visitors to Japan's famous tuna auctions have been asked to respect the serious business that occurs at what is an increasingly popular tourist attraction.
Monday, 26th January 2009
Three Japanese insurance firms have announced they intend to merge into a single entity, it has emerged.
US singer Janet Jackson, 42, has postponed her tour of Japan citing the global economic downturn as the main reason, it has emerged.
Friday, 23rd January 2009
Two Japanese firms have developed a prototype robot which could be used to apprehend criminals.
Japan launched the first satellite to monitor carbon dioxide emissions today (January 23rd), it has been reported.
Thursday, 22nd January 2009
Survivors of the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 have expressed their hope that the new president of the US Barack Obama will work towards the goal of a nuclear-free world.
Temples throughout Japan are likely to be packed on April 8th this year as Buddhists celebrate the date on which Buddha is said to have been born.
Wednesday, 21st January 2009
A scientist in Japan has made a breakthrough that could pave the wave for nicotine-free cigarettes.
Travellers visiting Japan may be able to pick up an electronic items or a piece of furniture at a bargain price thanks to the supermarket chain Seiyu.
Tuesday, 20th January 2009
On the day of his historic inauguration, yet more Barack Obama-related news emerges from Japan after new figures show a book of his speeches has become a bestseller in the country.
Monday, 19th January 2009
The government of the Japanese city of Obama has been deluged with gifts from the country's admirers of Barack Obama who will be inaugurated as the 44th president of the US tomorrow (January 20th).
Travellers planning a visit to Tokyo may be glad to learn that the city's Tsukiji fish market has agreed to readmit sightseers.
Friday, 16th January 2009
Japan has strongly condemned a Israeli military attack that badly damaged UN relief aid compound.
The well-known Japanese probiotic drink Yakult could be the ideal thing to help people get back into a healthy eating routine now that the festive period is over, it has been suggested.
Thursday, 15th January 2009
Crime in Japan fell for the sixth consecutive year in 2008, reinforcing the country's image as one of the safest places to go travelling.
Ryo Aono of Japan has claimed victory in World Cup snowboard halfpipe event which took place yesterday (January 14th).
Japan's love of robots in renowned and new sales figures suggest many people are turning to cyber pets to cheer them up during the global economic downturn.
Wednesday, 14th January 2009
Several Japanese baseball legends were elected to the sport's hall of fame yesterday (January 13th).
Rising indie music stars Glasvegas will be performing at Tokyo's Liquid Room on January 20th.
The Irish premier Brian Cowen is currently leading the largest trade delegation in his country's history to Japan, the world's second biggest economy.
Tuesday, 13th January 2009
Pressure is growing on Japanese prime minister Taro Aso after a former reform minister quit the ruling Liberal Democrat party (LDP), it has been reported.
The Fuji Rock Festival is due to take place at the Nauba Ski Resort in Niigata, Japan, this July.
Monday, 12th January 2009
The popularity of the US president-elect in Japan seems to be on the increase, if sales of Obama masks are anything to go by.
Celtic midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura is expected to play in Japan's World Cup qualifier against Australia next month despite suffering from a groin strain at the weekend.
Sections of Japan's ageing population are turning to a diet rich in collagen in an effort to stay youthful, it has emerged.
Sunday, 11th January 2009
An array of up-and-coming designer talent is expected to go on show when Japan Fashion Week takes place in March.
Grand champion sumo wrestler Asashoryu is due to make his return to the rind at this weekend's New Year Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.
Friday, 9th January 2009
Scientists in Japan have announced the first successful cloning of a bull renowned for producing a luxury brand of beef.
Thursday, 8th January 2009
A performer known by some as the Japanese Bob Dylan is appealing for a new guitar after his last one was run over by a market vendor.
The ancient sport of equestrian archery is alive and well in Japan, it has emerged.
Holidaymakers visiting the Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo next month will be able to bid farewell to winter and usher in spring at a traditional Japanese ceremony which will be held on February 3rd.
Wednesday, 7th January 2009
Hamburgers made with local ingredients and culinary specialities are growing in popularity throughout Japan, it has emerged.
Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa has spoken of his excitement about his first trip into space.
A shortage of mocha beans is hitting coffee shops across Japan and forcing them to develop new blends of the beverage to satisfy demand from customers, it has emerged.
Tuesday, 6th January 2009
Japan's monarch, Emperor Akihito, marks two decades on the throne today (January 6th).
The pyrotechnical extravaganza that is the Kushimoto Fire Festival will be taking place on January 25th.
Monday, 5th January 2009
Tuna has soared to an eight-year high on the first day of auction trading in Tokyo, confirming the growing demand for the fish.
Japanese carmakers are currently racing to build a vehicle that emits no carbon dioxide and will be available on the open market, it has emerged.
Friday, 2nd January 2009
Future generations of Japanese are to be encouraged to be fluent in English under new plans from the country's government.
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