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Friday, 31st October 2014
In Japan Entertainment News,

Film fans rate most anticipated anime
Japan is always a good place to be if you're a fan of animation and cartoons, but this is especially true in the autumn when the majority of television networks debut their newest anime series. 

With current favourites Naruto and Bleach coming to an end, enthusiasts are seeking out other shows that have the potential to fill the void and become water cooler conversation material in the office.

Website Seichi Junrei Map, which maintains a list of real-world locations that have inspired or featured in certain anime series, has conducted a survey of 2,200 men and women about which new anime shows are the most popular.

According to the research, The Seven Deadly Sins is the frontrunner, attracting almost a quarter of the vote (23.8 per cent). This fantasy adventure takes the traditional religious cautionary tale and turns it on its head, and has proven a success in the otaku community.

But there are a number of others that are worth watching too, with Gundam Reconguista in G and Fate/Stay Night also bringing in strong approval scores. Following closely behind is detective series Magic Kaito 1412, while Yowamushi Pedal Grandroad proves there is still room in anime for something as simple as high school bicycle racing with its fifth ranking.

While all of the top ten were praised by fans, others questioned the exclusion of Titan and Black Butler, both of which have large audiences.

If you want to explore the Japanese manga and anime scene during your stay in Tokyo, the best place to head is Akihabara, the capital's so-called electric town. Here, you'll find towering skyscrapers stuffed with books, DVDs and merchandise, while all-night anime cafes provide a great place for fanatics to connect with one another and discuss their favourites.


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